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Careers & Social Responsibility

Join Our Team

The scale of Mingtianxia across the globe means we can play a unique role on the world stage. Together, we can help shape the future of health and well-being for everyone.

Explore the Possibilities

When you join our team, you become part of a history that goes back well over a hundred years, with one continual focus: care for our customers, for each other and our communities.

We have the reach and the capability to be a disruptive force for change in our industry. With pharmacy at the heart of everything we do, we’re creating a modern healthcare platform to connect our customers to the goods and services they need in the way they want them – whether that’s in store, over the phone or on our website. Key to making this happen are our technology, healthcare, retail and consumer services partnerships and collaborations with some of the world’s leading companies, broadening the opportunities for our people to play their part.

Why Work with Us?

We want to inspire more joyful lives through better health and that means our team members at Mingtianxia too.

Caring for people is part of our heritage, and we’re passionate about being a force for good in the world. That’s why today our contribution goes further than the work we do in our pharmacies and the products and services we provide. We actively look for ways to make our health and well-being care accessible to all including those communities who have previously been underserved.

Inclusion is a Mingtianxia value that we live every day as we serve our customers and in the way we empower our team members in our open, welcoming and equitable workplace.

Mingtianxia: A Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

At Mingtianxia, we recognize the importance of social responsibility and sustainable development. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment through responsible business practices and community engagement. Our commitment to social responsibility is an essential component of our corporate philosophy and shapes the way we operate and interact with our stakeholders.

Key areas of our social responsibility efforts include:

Environmental Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly practices and technologies in our operations to minimize our carbon footprint and promote sustainable development. We actively seek ways to reduce waste, conserve energy, and implement environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Employee Welfare: Mingtianxia is committed to fostering a healthy, safe, and inclusive work environment for our employees. We provide fair wages, comprehensive benefits, and professional development opportunities to empower our team members and help them achieve their full potential.

Ethical Business Practices: We conduct our business with the utmost integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We maintain transparent relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners, ensuring mutual trust and respect.

Community Engagement: Mingtianxia actively supports and participates in various community initiatives and charitable activities. We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, and we strive to make a meaningful difference through our contributions and volunteer efforts.

Compliance with Regulations: We are committed to operating in full compliance with all relevant local, national, and international regulations and laws. We consistently monitor and adapt to new or changing regulations to ensure that our business practices remain responsible and compliant.

At Mingtianxia, we understand that our social responsibility extends beyond our products and services. We are dedicated to creating a better future for our employees, customers, communities, and the environment. By embracing our commitment to social responsibility, we strive to make a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.